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David Coeurjolly david.coeurjolly at liris.cnrs.fr
Thu Jun 6 14:24:03 CEST 2013

Hi all,

This mailing list was not really active these months but you may have followed a lot of  cool features coming into DGtal's GitHub site.  

At this point, I would like to have your opinion on couple of statements/questions about quite important changes in DGtal "user experience" (yeah I know.. that's just a buzz word).

1) By default, we disable the build of unit test programs 

     Why: to speedup and make first build easier for beginners
     The dev. or interested user may run a specific "cmake .. -DBUILD_TESTING=ON" to activate the build

     Examples would still be built by default.
     Travis would still compile the whole project

2) Go to a header (.h/.ih) only source code 

     Why: most of the code is H/IH. Furthermore, it would allows external projects build upon DGtal to choose the dependencies at compile/link time.

    At this point, external projects (such as DGtalTools) can only use optional features (e.g. QGLViewer for Viewer3D) only if they have been set at DGtal build.
     + easier to manage for Windows or other distrib
     + User can manage easily the dependencies
     + cmake FIND_PACKAGE would look like;

           FIND_PACKAGE(DGtal COMPONENTS  GMP QGLViewer     ...)

 	as in ITK or CGAL for instance. The FIND components would thus try to "locate" the deps and prepare the link flags

     - we would increase a bit the complete build time (DGtal+tests+examples). But if we follow question 1, the "user" wouldn't be impacted.

3) Focus on QGLViewer for Viewer3D (and move OpenInventer or OGRE to external extensions)

    Why: hard to maintain several viewers in //, even if cooler features may exist in other viewers (interactivity, ..)

    We've started to discuss about that with Bertrand and Jaco 	https://github.com/DGtal-team/DGtal/issues/638


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