[Dgtal-users] C++11 & release 0.9.1

David Coeurjolly david.coeurjolly at liris.cnrs.fr
Sun Nov 15 16:03:20 CET 2015

Hi all,

At some point, we would have to exchange about Roland’s request to require CPP11 in DGtal (PR #1029). In the meantime, I’ve played a bit with fancy c++11 features in some tools compiled on top of DGtal (auto, for loop on ranges, lambda expressions…). Please have look to this example https://github.com/dcoeurjo/MyDGtalTools/blob/master/dgtal-cpp11.cpp

For example, ultimate homotopic thinning is reduced to few  lines of code (2 for_each with 2 lambdas):

   stable = true;
   std::for_each(S.begin(), S.end(),
                 [&Q,&object](Point p){ if (object.isSimple(p)) Q.push_back(p); });
   std::for_each(Q.begin(), Q.end(),
                 [&object,&stable,&S](Point p){ if (object.isSimple(p))  {stable = false; S.erase(p);} });


So the question: Should we restrict DGtal to C++11 enabled compilers only ? 

Beside that, we have to plan a 0.9.1 release of DGtal. As discussed during the 0.9 release preparation, I think that it could be nice to have a release announced during the Digital Geometry Workshop on Lyon (25/11). At this point, we already have plenty of new features in the master (Alphathick segments -pending but ok-, MS build, linux binary packages, statistics classes, various fixes…).

What do you think about that? 

@Jacques-Olivier: could the CubicalComplex class be ready for 0.9.1 ?

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